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The Bark Traveller

No Pet Left Behind

We are a Mumbai based company that will help individuals and families relocate along with their pets (dogs and cats to begin with) to Mumbai or any other part of the world. As a pet parent, I know and realise how gut wrenching it can be to move without your furry soul mate. I also know the sheer apprehension that most people feel when it comes to putting their pets through this tedious and most times arduous process of shifting with them.

This is why The Bark Traveller has in store for you a service offering which will help streamline the stress enormously for both pet and pet parent.  

And of course if you are relocating to Mumbai, then your pet is in for a major treato.

We also welcome to host the pet, pre or post their travel, at our state of the art, 6500 sqft. premium pet boarding centre - The Bark Club in South Mumbai.

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IATA Approved Crates

Depending on the size, weight and measurements of the pet and the destination requirements, the pet is travels in one of the below IATA approved crates:


Wooden Crates


Fiber Crates


Steel Crates

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